About Me

Is home, work, or past trauma creating anxiety, depression or stress?
For over 20 years, I have worked with individuals to resolve work and home conflicts, ease stress, reduce anxiety and help make their lives better. Clients come to see me because of relationship, family, work, or trauma issues that affect their daily lives. Together, we determine the best approach to making a lasting change.
I obtained a business degree from a Big Ten University, spending years in a fast paced corporate job before earning my masters and doctorate in psychology. I’m intimately familiar with business issues, having counseled everyone from business owners to teachers, c-level executives to firefighters, on workplace stress, challenges and barriers to success.
My Philosophy
I believe that everyone has the potential to be free of their problems/symptoms, happy and worry-free. This is not to say that you’ll never experience sadness or anxiety in life, but that it will be temporary and manageable. I believe that identifying and addressing the root cause of your symptoms is a key component to treatment. I will not only teach you strategies for symptom relief, but also work with you to identify and address the core issues that are creating your symptoms to create permanent change. In therapy, it’s easy to constantly focus on what’s “wrong” and forget about what’s “right”. Most people I have worked with have wonderful knowledge and skills, but don’t give themselves enough credit. I believe that it’s important to identify and build on your strengths, in order to keep your problems in perspective.
My Style
I am direct, to the point, non-judgmental, and empathic. I take an activity role in therapy, wanting each meeting to be as efficient as possible. I combine Cognitive-Behavioral, EMDR, Psychodynamic, and Adlerian theories, with the emphasis of each orientation shifting to meet individual needs. It is critical that we work as a team which means that your feedback about our work together is vital to your success. I encourage feedback in each session so that we can ensure that we are both in agreement about what is, or is not, working. If you ever feel judged, misunderstood, or believe that we are focusing on something that is not a priority, let me know. We are a team and we can’t move forward if we’re not on the same page. I don’t need to be right all the time (but like anyone else, I sure do like to be!) and actively encourage people to let me know if or when I’m wrong.
No therapist is a perfect fit for every person. If, for any reason, you feel I am not a good “fit”, please let me know so that I can help you find another therapist. By doing so, you will get the help you deserve. As a professional, I will always put your interests first, and throughout my career, I have referred clients to other colleagues because it was in the client’s best interest. Similarly, I have been approached by colleagues to do the same.